Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lab 5

This week at St. Mary's I had my most challenging experience. I was working with the cafeteria group which is the older kids in the after school program at St. Mary's. They showed me a new side I really had not seen in the kids in previous labs as after the first two activities none of them really seemed interested in participating in the activities anymore. However, some of the kids decided they would just so they could play more of the games they wanted to. After the 4 college students including me went through and played our activities with the children we let them play the activities that they wanted to play because they played our activities so we decided to allow them to have more fun and play what they wanted to. It was a big change from the first 4 labs in which the first 4 labs every kid wanted to play our activity and this lab not as many wanted to.

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