Monday, May 9, 2011

Lab 6

This week at St. Mary's was my final visit to St. Mary's. It had an emotional moment at the end when I realized my work at St. Mary's was all done. However, this lab itself showed me new aspects thanks to the older kids that I had not seen in previous labs. For instance, playing checkers with these two students showed me a noticable difference in how the fine motor skills work. When I was playing checkers with them I noticed how they could think quickly about their next move throughout the game. When I played checkers with the younger students I noticed quite the opposite and how it either took time for them to think about their next move or just would move right after I moved which made me think they did not notice and were not thinking about my last move. This lab also made the point of these older students wanting to play their own activities more resounding because after like the first activity only a quarter of the older students really participated in the next activity.

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