Monday, April 11, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 4

Overall at St. Mary's there have been many challenges that the students have had to learn to deal with. But if we just learn some helpful hints we can prevent those challenges from becoming a bigger problem. Overall this week at St. Mary's was what showed me the true nature of the challenges that you will face out in the real world. Their was this one kid who I kept trying to get focused on the activity but he was too interested in my watch. I really enjoyed making the collage to present to St.Mary's this week of lab because it showed off all the Cortland students abilities to associate and get along with the students of St.Mary's. All in all although lab 4 showed me true challenges that I will one day face as a Phys. Ed. Teacher it also made me think of how to work through those challenges to make it a positive learning environment.

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